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About CSS

CSS has been around for a while, but now more and more designers are finding how easy it is to design a site using a style sheet.  In this template you will find a file called master.css.  This file can be opened in frontpage or notepad and edited with ease.

In the style sheet you have elements and classes defined.  Elements cover your basic html tags like <body>, <p>, <h1>, <ul> etc.   Classes are those definitions with a period before the name (.textbox).  The coding that comes after the elements or classes is what defines the look of the class or element.  For example:

.topcell {  (this is a class)
background:#c1cad1; (these are the elements)
border-bottom:1px solid #ffffff;
border-left: 1px solid #002861;
border-right: 1px solid #002861;}

The classes are set off by the { and } brackets.

This elements define the background color, the borders on the bottom, left and right, as well as the colors for the borders.  You can also change fonts, font-sizes, etc.

Knowledge of css is not required to use this template.  If you want to learn more about css then, I suggest the following links: and

Note: To find out which CSS class is used in any table cell simply place your cursor in the cell and right click and select Cell Properties. In the window that opens, select style and you will see the name of the class that is being used in the class name area.

With CSS you can:

1. Define the look of your pages in one place rather than repeating yourself over and over again throughout your site. You won't have to define colors and fonts each time you start a new cell in a table.

2. Easily change the look of your pages even after they're created. Since the styles are defined in one place you can change the look of the entire site at once.

3. Your pages will load faster, since they aren't filled with tags that define the look. The style definitions are kept in a single CSS document that is only loaded once when a visitor enters your site.

About the Colored Cells
The table above:  The top cell is called info1_header and the bottom cell is called info1_image.  This places an image in the background of the cell. Then you simply place another table inside that cell and use the class info.  The purple cells are called info2.  The plain cells are called info
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